Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kona is Finally Here

In a little less than a week now I will be touching down on the Island of Kona. I have been waiting nearly 11 months for this moment, and it has finally arrived. Hours upon hours of training, stretching, icing, sleeping, and eating have put me in the position that I am in, and I cant wait to see what I can throw down.

My workouts as of late have been very very productive and shine promising light on what I believe I can go October 8th, but Kona is a very different place, and does not give up fast times easily.

My previous 2 ironmans I have sure found a way to eff them up leading up to the race, and somehow leading up to this one i seem to be doing all the right things. Before Wisconsin (2008) I had multiple stress fractures in both my shins all season, and was unable to run more than a total of 30 miles all summer. 2 days before the race I couldnt even keep a shuffle it hurt so bad, but somehow i was able to gut out a sub 4 hour marathon and finish in 10:38:59. Leading up to Florida (2010) I seemed to be doing everything right, being cautious with my running making sure everything was injury free. Well turned out i wasnt cautious enough, got hit by a car on a 45 min ez ride 2 weeks before the race, and ended up in the hospital. I put my tooth through my lip and did a number on my neck. 4 hours later I left with a neckbrace, some severely powerful meds, and a nice gouge out of my lip that had the looks of a harry potter lightningbolt scar. I was nervous that my neck would not allow me to ride aero for the full bike, but somehow again i was able to overcome the pain and ride a sub 5 hr bike split in route to an improvement of over an hour from my time in wisconsin, throwing down a 9:28:30, and locking up a spot to Ironman Kona in 2011. With less than 2 weeks go go till race day, I am taking every action necessary to make sure I get to the start line in the condition i am today.

Updates from the beautiful city of Kona to follow...