Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chattanooga Part 2: The First Ride

Waking up Friday morning wasn't too bad, my time zones were nonexistent because of the redeye flight, short naps here and there, and a full belly of lucky charms beer.  I slept very well and was ready to take on the day.  First up on the schedule we had a team run.  We decided to head out on the road that went by our house and just do a nice 30 min out and back.  You couldn't have painted a more perfect picture of what we were running through, minor fog hovering over the glassy smooth river, sunrise starting to take shape over the mountains, and nothing could beat the “wild” animals we encountered throughout the run.

(Group run as Team Evotri trots along the backroads that wind alongside the Tennessee River)

People did their things to get ready to head into town because up next was the Q-Roo meet & greet as well as the tour of their facility.  I was pretty amped for this, intitally when I entered the sport I was anti bikes, I thought that people who had sweet bikes with race wheels were just bad swim runners that had to raise their stock with super nice bikes.  Well over time I quickly jumped ships on that train of thought.  I have been a bike junkie for a couple years now, and always love to see new models, and crazy designs. The Factory tour was unbelievable, we got to see every single stage the bike goes through throughout the process.  It is insane how much of a perfectionist these guys are.  Precision angles and cuts, if tolerances are off recycle that part and start over again.  They do not accept anything less than perfection.  My favorite part was when we were shown the prototypes of past bikes as well as what could be surfacing up in the future.  Some dirty dirty designs my friends.  These guys have some beautiful minds behind the scenes here.

After the tour we had a quick bite to eat, then off to the roads to get the first ride on my brand new CD.01!  I had been waiting for this moment for quite some time now and it was finally time to saddle up and take her out for a ride.  The gorgeous frame, sleek and sexy Zipp Firecrest 808s, the flawless Sram components, and the unmatched Cycleops  PowerTap & Joule Power Meter.  I had officially been hooked up!  The ride was better than you could have imagined it, that baby cut through the win like nobody’s business, just felt like gold beneath my gooch.  A very successful trip to the Q-Roo Factory followed up by a ride on a dream bike, come on, I could have died a happy man right there!

We headed back to the cabin to change and shower quick before we had another event with one of our other local sponsors.  HUB Endurance was throwing a kegger at their shop tonight and was inviting any and everyone to come out and check out the shop, meet their cycling team as well as team Evotri, and at the very least just come get a nice cold one.  A few guys from Sram and Zipp (kick A$$ sponsors) were there as well, showing their new line of baller components, but they were there for a more serious reason, raising money for their charity, the World Bicycle Relief.  Its great to see a company that is so successful in the sport making time to have an impact for those less fortunate.  Throughout all the fundraising that night, we were able to help donate 3 full bikes to those much less fortunate than us.  Way to go!

The night ended shortly after that and we all headed home, exhausted and ready for bed, knowing that tomorrow had a very nice ride waiting for us bright and early, 3 hrs of mountain climbs of epic proportions, swim relay race across the river, and best of all, Moonshine and Bigfoot hunting!

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