Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Weekend Part 1

Well, I have been pretty busy at work, so I have been unable to post anything new, so this one is going to be long...

Lets travel back in time 2 weeks ago to Memorial weekend. I spent the weekend at my grandparents lake in Manitou Beach, MI. They live about 15 min bike ride from the Michigan International Speedway. A couple of years ago, they tore down their old shithole they called a shack, and build this sweet ass mansion house! They live on Devils Lake.

I left work around 2PM Chicago time, and hopped in the car to start the 4 and a half hr drive (5 and a half due to time zones...what a joke). Within 20 minutes I was in bumper to bumper traffic and was not happy. Who leaves work at 2 on a Friday of Memorial weekend Jesus! So after traveling 3.5 miles in 95 minutes, something finally clicked in the other drivers heads that, 'O i dont have to drive 5 MPH and watch the people do construction! If i keep my eyes on the road, and drive, I can go a respectable 40 - 50 MPH and actually GET SOMEWHERE!'

Traffic Jams are a little frustrating for me, but I got through it. So I got to my grandparents place a little after 8:00, but unfortunately my uncle (Chris, an obnoxiously fast runner in HS and at the University of Illinois, ran a 4:07 and 9:02 mile and 2 mile in High School, but has since shriveled up to suck at nearly all things) and my dad (Terry, a former Captain of the Michigan State Swim team in 1981 and 1982, where he swam 15:30 for the 1650, placing 8th at the Big 10 meet his Junior year, has also lost all sense of speed or athletic ability, but proceeds to think he can still swim faster than me in any race) had already finished golfing. When we are at the lake we do a lot of a select few activities:
  • Play Golf (usually 18 holes a day when we are there, 9 in the morning and 9 at night)
  • Drink (sneak cases of beer onto the golf course because they wont sell it to us that early)
  • Play shuffleboard in the garage like hillbillies while we watch the Detroit Tigers on the 52" Sick flat screen my grandparents recently bought
  • And Lastly, sit on the boat and get some sun, naturally still drinking
So, back to the story. I got into town around 8 Friday night, and my dad and uncle told me to meet them up at a bar just down the street from the house. This bar used to be a shitty old place, that stank like my brothers "shit-mop" breath, but recently had been redone, and now looks like a colorful Chuck-E-Cheese on the outside, and is no different on the inside. I met them there for a pitcher, and they told me how their rounds on the links went.

We are pretty good golfers, I usually shoot right around 40 for 9 holes, my dad usually shoots right around 45, and chris about 45-47. We play skins games for money, so I typically have to give my dad 4 strokes, and Chris 5. They both told me that it was a rough round out there, and they both shot 52's. It seemed a little high for them, so i called BS, but they stuck to their story. Turns out I ended up getting their cart the next morning and their scorecard was still in it which they both shot 46, and were trying to Swindle me to give them more strokes, a very "Hook" move to say the least.

Nothing too eventful happened Friday night, some drinking, and lots of pizza from the greatest pizza place in town "Luigis."

I awoke Saturday morning feeling pretty fresh and ready to enjoy the lake. The sun was shining, and the fish were jumping. We had a Tee time for 10:30 to play golf, so we all ate breakfast and talked shit about each other (the usual activity at the lake), until we hit the links.

By 10:30, the sun was shining, and it was quite toasty. We got up to the clubhouse, and the course was relatively empty, which seemed kind of weird on such a beautiful day. We got through the front 9, and all of us were playing right around where we usually do. Nobody really had taken too much $$ from the others. I shot 39, my dad shot 42, and Chris shot 47.

Later on that night, I decided I was going to go for a run. I was still pretty drunk, but I felt like a run was a good idea, so I went for it. Surprisingly, it felt great, I was averaging 20 seconds faster per mile at the same HR than I had for my previous runs the past few weeks, so there might be something about drunk running that I need to look into...so ill keep you posted.

When I got back, went for a quick dip in the lake and grabbed another beer. My dad is the kind of person who drinks then takes naps and drinks and takes naps, so naturally just when I got out of the lake, he was up, de-pantsing Chris, and my younger brothers, just being his normal self (which you would never picture a 50 year old VP doing). He brought up the idea of playing more golf, so we went back out for 9 more.

The rest of the day and night was pretty low key, everyone was tired, but everyone was in anticipation of the arrival of my aunt (Amy, whose personality is straight in line with my uncle, my dads and mine). She is a fanatic Tigers fan, and drops everything when they are on.

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