Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Weekend Part 2 (Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas)

At the lake you dont get shat for service on your cell phone, so I had left it in my bag for all Friday and Saturday, but for some reason I remembered that a good friend of mine told me he was going to the Willy Wonka factory to get some dank chocolate, so I went to get my phone to see if I had any calls. I had a few missed calls from Wonka himself, and so I gave him a call back, which was the greatest decision i made all day. This dear friend of mine has quite the "Sweet Tooth" when it comes to chocolate, and when i called him back it seemed as if he had a little bit too much chocolate for one night...He was telling me stories that he wanted to get a couple little minnow fish, and a big piranha so that he could watch it the piranha shred these little fish to pieces...sick thoughts this kid has...the other bizarre thing he told me was that when he was younger (he wouldn't tell me how old or any details about the situation) he wore a chastity belt. I was a little upset because thats one of those things you dont just tell someone about without I am still working on more info, will keep you posted.

After our very long conversation about weird shit, my beautiful and sweet girlfriend (Iris) joined me outside under a big tree by the lake and we stared at the stars. On a clear night, star gazing is a very entertaining and relaxing thing to do.

The next morning Iris and I woke up pretty early and went for a bike ride around the lake. It was a very nice, scenic ride, that naturally ended in me dropping Iris like it was my job...just kidding cutie. But the ride was great, the weather was great, just the perfect way to start out the day.

When we got back we jumped in the lake for a quick rinse before everyone dug into breakfast (300lbs of Egg Bake, Fresh Doughnuts, and Gallons upon gallons of OJ). It was delicious!

Next up on the list...any guesses?? Golf, haha, time to hit the links again. 9 more holes were played, and nothing really exciting happened, I sunk a few long putts, got a birdie, but the most exciting part was when Chris chipped it in from 45 yards out. He was having quite a rough hole up to that point but managed to salvage a bogey and get the carry over for the skin.

After we finished up the 9 we stopped back by the colorful Chuck-E-Cheese bar, and got a couple pitchers. Little did we know we were avoiding one of the most catastrophic events to ever take place at the lake...

Elise (Amy's 16 year old daughter who is, to say the least, very similar to Cady Heron from Mean Girls) brought 2 of her "plastic" friends with her for the weekend at the lake, and naturally they thought they were all hot shit, layin around the boat trashing it, not cleaning up after themselves. Elise was about to dig herself a grave she would not be able to climb out of.

My grandparents own a baller Jet-ski that is unreally fast. I have reached a top speed of 71 MPH on it. Elise had the great idea that she was going to pull tubers behind this thing. So they hooked up the cords for the tube and off they were (this was all happening while we were at the bar, so this is all hear say, I unfortunately didnt visually see anything happen). About 10 minutes after being out, my grandpa (A former basketball player at the University of Illinois way back in the day, who has been a teacher at Oakland Community College and a member of the Farmington Schoolboard for 40+ years, who is one of the most kind and gentle soft spoken people unless you do something stupid, which causes him to transform into a horrible beast, like Professor Lupin does when he sees a full moon in Harry Potter 4 Prisoner of Azkaban) saw Elise and my younger brother swimming the Jet-ski back in from across the lake. What had happened was Elise, a very unexperienced driver on the road, let alone on a Jet-ski, had not let the rope tighten enough before she gunned it, and sucked up all the ropes in the intake, causing the jetski to completely shut off. The most entertaining part of the whole story is that the whole weekend she was convinced that it wasnt her fault. How she believes this I do not understand...but the 16 year old teenage high school cheerleader thought otherwise.

The rest of the day Sunday was pretty mellow, and everyone dreaded the thought of driving home to start work back up Tuesday, me included.

The 5 hr drive home was terrible, as I expected, but overall the weekend was fun, full of entertainment, harassment, and most importantly family bonding...

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  1. yes...the ride ENDED in you dropping me. meaning i held on for a long time!!