Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life, Chattanooga, and...Fig Newtons!!!

So I have been off the record for awhile now, my apologies. Lots going on at work, trying to figure out where I will be living the next year (Redmond, WA or Dallas, TX), trying to figure out the logistics of a bunch of trips coming up, and most importantly trying to get back on the bike!

The picture and status updates of my new bike (so graciously built and provided by HUB Endurance) surely provide the motivation I need to get my little piggy bacon lard A$$ back on the saddle! And that I have. Whenever I see the pavement is dry, BAM! im out the front door with my cold gear on hitting the beautiful hills of Redmond. Even if it is 40 deg. The other 90% of the time I am on the dry side of my window watching the rain come down turning the pedals on my trainer. The past 3-4 weeks have gone well. Mileage is increasing, legs are feeling stronger, life is good.

My running series has ceased to exist any longer. I ended up placing 3rd overall taking home a $15 gift certificate to a local running store. So ill have to go check out what cheap goodies i can pick out.

I cant tell you how excited I am for the middle of April! Chattanooga with Evotri is going to be the best! Im going to get the opportunity to train outside in some much more ideal weather than i am currently in. I am going to get to meet and really know each team member on a more personal level rather than just reading their blog and imagining what their daily routines are like. I am so freakin excited!

So, the newest thing in my life...its not a puppy, not a new car, not a new girlfriend...I got some FIG NEWTONS! I just recently bought a pair of Newton Gravity running shoes upon multiple recommendations from other friends, and sure enough the impulse got to me. I went in expecting to pay around 150 for them since thats what I saw when researching the shoes, but when I checked out the lady only asked me for $89. I couldnt believe it. I have been breaking them in very slowly over the past week since i had been instructed to do so...and boy am i glad i have been. These are the weirdest shoes to run in period. There is absolutely no comparison to what they feel like when you are trying to run. They are slowly growing on me, but until i get up to a full run in just those shoes I wont be able to give a fair assessment of the shoes. I have been doing the majority of my run each day in my old trainers, and putting the last mile and change in the fig newtons. More analysis to come the more I put on the shoes, but for now, I still need more time to adjust.

Looking to run in a half marathon not this weekend but the following weekend...should be interesting to see what I can do. I have been running well lately, so i wouldnt be surprised to see something in the low 1:20s with the slim chance of going sub 1:20. Thats just "hopes" though because I really havent been training specifically for a half marathon, just been running what i feel like when i feel like it. We shall see what my first half marathon has in store for me :)

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  1. Really looking forward to meeting you too, Matt! 5 weeks and counting...