Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Team Evotri's Newest Member!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have known for about a week now but have been sworn to secrecy. Today marks a huge accomplishment in my life. I become a member of Team Evotri! I have worked so hard not only the last month, creating an off the charts video in order to set myself up for success at the 2nd round phone interview, but over the past 23 years of my life to be able to surround myself with the right people and teams to have the credentials to become a member of such a great team.

Check out http://www.evotri.com/2012/01/meet-team-evotris-newest-member.html to see what the team thinks about me, hear my exciting reaction to the great news, meet the other members of the team, and check out the amazing sponsors the team has!

I am so excited for this opportunity, and cant wait to get to Chattanooga and meet the team face to face! Congratulations to all the other phone interview finalists, as well as anyone who submitted a video. Some of you may know that I was a 2nd year applicant. Last year I made it to the phone interview stage as well but my 21 year old immaturity prooved to one of the reasons the team did not see a spot for me on the team then. Well nearly 2 years later, I have grown and learned a lot! The bottom line is, dont be discouraged from not making it this year! Who knows, the team may just take another "5th Year Senior" as their next member.

For now, I am that "5th Year Senior" and im going to enjoy every second of it!

Thanks again Evotri! You guys are the best!

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