Thursday, January 5, 2012

High School All Over Again

So I totally feel like I am back in high school again haha. Some of the guys on the team were asking me when they could meet my girlfriend (Iris) because, well they are high schoolers and are horn dogs. They told me they wanted to meet her and give me a run for my money on who she liked the most, and well being the competitive type, I told them "Bring it on!"

We all met up new years eve for a chill 5 mile run around the park and on the trails by the high school, and sure enough they were all there early and waiting for us, as to set the impression that they are always on time like studs.

They all got their shot chatting with her throughout the run, blabbing about their classes and funny pranks they had done over break, and being the nerd that Iris is, she was totally buying into it. Iris is student teaching at a school in Farmington this year and is a total science geek! she calls me daily telling me about all the labs and experiments they do, occasionally sending me pictures. And I though I was the weird one hanging out with high schoolers in my free time...

Long story short I was kind of nervous when they pulled out the science nerd cards as well. I thought I might have been going home empty handed that night!

After the run we all grouped up to stretch and chatted, and the guys spilled the beans...they said even though iris was super hot and funny and cool, she was a little bit too nerdy for their liking, so I could keep her. Sorry Iris ;)

As we were all finishing up stretching and heading to our cars, one of the guys said they needed to start getting people back into shape for the upcoming track season. The group that showed up is the more dedicated group on the team, and are consistently running year round. The youger guy (Zach) chimes in and says "We should run with Matt!" I was caught off guard but flattered. I knew they liked running and hanging out with me, but I didnt know they liked me that much. I told them i work from nearly 8-5 every day and just like during the xc season I wouldnt be able to make practice after school. They proceeded to ask me what times i could make, and before I knew it we had scheduled 3 runs during the week. The craziest part (and this makes me realize how much of an influence and a role model I am to them) is that they were willing to do 2 night runs a week and a Friday morning run before school!

These guys are the bomb! Sometimes I forget that I have a real job in the real world after all the time I spend with these guys, having childish high school conversations and what not, but I am very greatful that I synced up with this team when I moved out here last summer. My life would be boring and plain without them, Like Jim Carey in the Truman Show. Poor Truman, if he only knew.

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